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Now we launch Twicegrip Tungsten.

New Twicegrip Tungsten is stronger, more versatile, and can withstand more wear and tear!
Twicegrip Tungsten is made of thermoplastic rubber with various hardnesses in the construction,
making them even more effective on varying surfaces. The studs, made ​​of tungsten is four times stronger than titanium and delivers efficient bite on icy surfaces. In stores November 2014!


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Twice Grip – fully recyclable

The anti-slip device Twicegrip Tungsten is made of a rubber-like material: Thermoplastic Polyethylene, also known as TPE. But unlike rubber TPE is completely recyclable – easy to melt down and reuse for new products. Recyclability is part of Twicegrip Sweden’s environmental work, to protect nature.


The first dynamic ice gripper in the world.

The safest ice gripper is the one that is used. Twicegrip’s unique dynamic stud construction provides numerous advantages. Twicegrip lasts longer, is more comfortable, does less damage to floors and provides better grip on varying surfaces than traditional ice grippers. Twicegrip provides stability and gives you confidence on ice, snow and hard surfaces, whether working or at leisure.
Use Twicegrip on ice and snow or hard surfaces like black ice, tiles, tarmac, bricks or concrete. Use Twicegrip when jogging, walking, working, fishing, hunting, shopping or on public transport.

According to research conducted in the north of Sweden, ice grippers with studs from heel to toe provide the best grip on ice. However, traditional ice grippers are only efficient on ice. On a hard surface e.g. tiles/slate/stone conventional studs can have the opposite effect – a supermarket floor can become treacherous.

Due to Twicegrips unique patented construction the traditional curse of continually taking your ice grippers on and off is over. Twicegrip overcomes the problem by being functional on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. From ice to tarmac, tiles to snow. Just keep them on.


A color for every mood.

Twicegrip tungsten pink

Twicegrip Tungsten

Twicegrip tungsten pink

Twicegrip Tungsten

Twicegrip tungsten pink

Twicegrip Tungsten

Twicegrip tungsten pink

Twicegrip Tungsten

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We´d prefer not to talk about this.

But we must. Every year about 7.000 femur fractures occur – just in Sweden. Each case costs the municipality the equivalent of € 22,000. Total cost is close to € 150 million – and immeasurable suffering. Many of these cases are due to failure to use an ice gripper – because it is awkward and uncomfortable. Those days are over. Twicegrip Sweden AB provides affordable quotes for all municipalities, associations and organizations that prioritize their members’ wellbeing. And their own finances.


Running >

 Use Twicegrip for running or jogging – and extend the training season to all year round! Twicegrip is easier on both foot and shoes than traditional ice grippers. With Twicegrip’s dynamic studs you won’t feel like you are “running on nails”. The technology also means less wear of surfaces and prolonged life of studs.

Angling/Sport Fishing >

Safety is especially important when fishing from a rocky shore or when ice-fishing. Wet, icy, lichen or algae covered rocks or river banks that appear safe can be surprisingly dangerous. Wear Twicegrip over your waders or boots and get double protection for those slippery boulders: friction through the rubber sole and bite through the dynamic studs.

Use Twicegrip over your footwear. Unlike traditional ice grippers whose studs can make the rocks more slippery Twicegrip gives you double protection: friction through the rubber sole and bite through the dynamic studs.


At work >

Slipping accidents is one of the most common accidents at work. Using Twicegrip makes your working day safer. Twicegrip is an efficient anti-slip device with CE type certification and works on snow, ice, slate, stone etc. Use Twicegrip on the construction site or to the office, even when you drive. The multi surface capability of Twicegrip makes it useful on public transportation and its compact size makes it a practical solution for the commuter.

Shopping >

Traditional ice grippers can be dangerous on hard surfaces like tile and stone floors – common flooring in shops, public buildings, restaurants and cafes. With Twicegrip, your shopping trip will be safer both on the street and in the shop. Traditional ice grippers are also banned in many environments because their protruding studs can damage floor surfaces. Twicegrip’s dynamic studs are easier both on foot and flooring.

Leisure >

Whether in the park or on the hillsides Twicegrip maintains your stride whatever the terrain. Twicegrip’s unique stud design makes them the perfect choice whether you are out for a Sunday stroll in the park or seriously hiking. Got a dog? Then you know man’s best friend needs walking no matter the weather! Or do you just fancy a stroll or a more energetic workout like power walking? Twicegrip gives you confidence on varying winter surfaces.


Seniors >

Fact is: nobody gets any younger.  As children we are at our most supple. With advancing years comes an increased risk of injury in a slipping accident. This combined with a reduced ability to bend down or balance on one leg makes it difficult to fit an ice gripper to the shoe. Twicegrip is CE type certificated as a safe ice gripper without the need for the difficult “on and off ritual” plaguing traditional ice-grippers. That’s why we think Twicegrip is the perfect choice for seniors and juniors. Able and disabled. Everyone. 

”An innovative idea in anti-slip device development. It’s impressive that the ice gripper does not even make a hole in the cardboard box.”

Glenn Berggård, Luleå University of Technology, who has researched anti-slip devices for 20 years, comments on a Twicegrip video demonstration.

”My father sits trapped in his flat all winter out of fear of falling. With a product like this he would regain his independence. He would love it!”

Vilhelm Adolfsson, senior lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology.

”They are really good for running, not ridged or hard but rather springy” we could sell them as fundraiser for our club.”

Jan Wiklund, former top flight athlete nowadays active as an athletics coach and avid winter runner.

“…it was quite easy to put the devices on the shoe and take them off. The walking was convenient when the device was attached to the shoe.”

From the test report by FIOH, Helsingfors, Mikko Hirvonen, research scientist.

”This is a good idea. It is comfortable even on a concrete floor.”

Chuansi Gao, Lund University, researches slipping accidents and commented on the second generations Twicegrip prototype.

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